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Recovery Drawings

After surgery on the bottom of my foot I needed something to do while I was sitting around for a week.  Here is some of the watercolors I did.  I used a lot of ink with these drawings, in fact, some of them were actually inked in prior to adding the watercolor.  I really like the contrasts of the watercolor against the ink.



The Shrimpinator

The Tormenter

Scandinavian Style Tube Fly

Un-Named Wet Fly



March Brown Quill Body

Painting Streamers

Here are some more watercolor drawings I have been working on.  I have been experimenting with watercolors and ink.  I really like the addition of the ink lines, let me know what you think.

Watercolor and Ink




The Devils Brigade - Watercolor and Ink


Landed – Watercolor and Ink

Working on watercolor

I find watercolor to be a fun and exciting medium.  While I am just starting to scratch the surface, I am enjoying every minute of learning.  As well as watercolor, I have also been working on my pencil sketching.  Here are some of my latest attempts, please let me know what you think.

Watercolor on 140lb cold press


watercolor on 140lb cold press



pencil on smooth bristol




More Art

After a tough week in the office, I needed to unwind. I,m really enjoying watercolor, think I’ll take some classes this winter!!