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Tiger Muskie Bait!

Got a little time off coming up, thinking of heading up to Mayfield Lake in WA for a little Tiger Muskie action!!  At least that’s one possible option, being that it is the middle of October, (the best month of the year), there are only 1000 other options…  The hardest part is just making up your mind!


Muskie Bait!!


Pro Tube – Nano Tube w/ XL connector in Black

Pro Tube – Large Drop Weight

Pro Tube – Sonic Disk

Marabou wound as hackle against sonic disk

Big Fly Fiber

(4) Saddle Hackles tied around hook evenly

Holographic Flash

More Big Fly Fiber

More Saddle Hackles

More Flash

More Marabou

Senyo’s Lazer Dub at the head area

Pro Softhead XL

Clear Cure Goo “Raven” eyes 12mm





Been busier than a one armed paper hanger tying flies..  Got a little steelheading in a couple of weeks ago, got down to the Big D and it looked like chocolate milk!  Fished anyway, and even managed to hook one…  Go figure hu!  Well last night I finished the flies for the Umpqua submission, they’r on the way to Colorado as I write..  Did some elk hunting last weekend, please note I said “hunting” not “killing”, as like most years in the past, I did not fill my tag.  Headed back down to the D for some more steehead action this weekend, hope to have a good report..  In the mean time, stay cool!


100 Huds Worm Hooked Minnows!



Wickiup Reservoir Birthday Fishing!

The Deschutes arm of Wickiup Reservoir happens to close the day after my birthday.  This day also happened to land on a Saturday this year, not to mention, the reservoir is lower than its been in years..  With that, there is not much lake left above the no fishing buoy’s, its mostly just a river now..  There wasn’t much decision making to do, that was the place to be, if you want a legitimate chance at a nice Oregon brown trout!  Scott and I loaded up the Clack, and launched before sunrise.  The day came with a cold fog in the morning that turned to perfectly clear skies and hot weather by afternoon.  We managed a few fish, including a small LM Bass, but no browns!  Maybe next time..  In all the day was a lot of fun, and even though we can’t fish above the buoys for the rest of the year, there’s still lots of good fishing to be done at Wickiup until the season closes in October..  So stay tuned, I’m still looking for that big “hook jaw” brown!!


The foreign landscape of a very LOW Wickiup Reservoir!


Yep, its official, Large Mouth Bass like Huds Weedless Deceiver too!!


Wickiup Rainbow!



New places to Fish!!

Went and explored some new areas to fish this weekend.  As luck would have it, the Bureau of Reclamation screwed us with the water level by dropping it 100cfs 3 hours prior to fishing, but we still managed a few smaller Rainbow’s on the dry fly!  We got to dodge a river wide log jamb, and found out that the 6hp on the ClackaMax is just enough to fight the current up stream…  Turns out, we have a new stretch of river to explore and figure out!  The cool part is, a. you can fish from the boat, and b. you can motor up, and drift back down!!  But the really fun part is the fact that there’s 10 lb + Browns that live here…….


Down River



That’s a full blown log jamb that just went by!


What they lack in size, they make up for in enthusiasm! There also fun on a 3wt!





Weekend Tying!

With no fishing this weekend, (not that there wasn’t any good fishing to do, just that I was too lazy to do it), I spent most of the weekend tying..  Started out with a pattern that I have submitted to Umpqua, they have requested additional samples..  I hope that’s a good sign!  Then I worked on a display piece for the Fin & Fire Fly Shop in Redmond, and finally ended tying another large Pony Pony streamer….


Huds Weedless Deceivers in the full color range!


Standard Deceiver patterns mounted on a piece of Redwood Burl!


A greenish yellow Polar Pony pattern, 3/0 Gamakatsu hook!