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Been busier than a one armed paper hanger tying flies..  Got a little steelheading in a couple of weeks ago, got down to the Big D and it looked like chocolate milk!  Fished anyway, and even managed to hook one…  Go figure hu!  Well last night I finished the flies for the Umpqua submission, they’r on the way to Colorado as I write..  Did some elk hunting last weekend, please note I said “hunting” not “killing”, as like most years in the past, I did not fill my tag.  Headed back down to the D for some more steehead action this weekend, hope to have a good report..  In the mean time, stay cool!


100 Huds Worm Hooked Minnows!



New Products from Pro Tube!!

Picked up a couple of samples from the Guy’s at Pro Sportfisher, aka Pro Tubes, some new stuff they have coming out this year.  I just have to say, these Guy’s got it going on!!  When it comes to tubes, in my opinion, there is no better than the stuff from Pro Tube!!  (and their not even paying me to say that!)  What’s new for this year?  Well, among other things, their sonic disks are now available in anodized metal..  So for those of you out there like me, that saw a few uses for the plastic ones but couldn’t bare to put them on the front of your flies, the answer is anodized metal..  Very COOL!!  Also new this year is synthetic Jungle Cock..  I know, synthetic Jungle Cock has been around for a long time, but I have never seen anything quite like these.  They are printed on some kind of Tyvek like paper, and the they look EXTREMELY real..  They are very tough, and super workable, pick some up and give them a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, I know I’m not, plus I won’t be needing to drop $150 on a new neck!!  They have some other stuff coming out too, like tungsten impregnated tubes, and some super neat ultra tiny micro tubes!!   Stay Tuned…..


Super Cool new products from Pro Tube!

Tube – Pro Tube 40/40 Flexitube – Clear

Tag – Oval Tinsel – Silver

Tail – FluroFiber – Hot Orange

Butt – Thread -Hot Orange

Body – Holographic Tinsel – Silver

Thorax – Dubbed Angel Hair – Black

Underwing – Arctic Fox – Lt Blue

1st Collar – Peacock body Feather

Flash – 4 strands of micro mylar – Pearl

Overwing – Arctic Fox – Purple

2nd Collar – Ringneck Pheasant rump – Black

Eyes – Pro Tube Synthetic Jungle Cock – Hot Pink

Head – Pro Tube Mtl Sonic Disk – Red




Tube Flies (Squidro)

I have been tying up some tube flies lately for the upcoming steelhead season, not that it hasn’t already started!  Mostly “shank” style flies I have been tying on the new Pro Tube system.  If you have not invested in this system yet, I would highly recommend it.  I have tied with HTH, Eumer, Guidline, and CTFC tubes and by FAR the Pro Tube system is the best.  Starting with the biggest point, you don’t need to invest in a tube vise.  That’s right, Pro Tube sells a needle that can clamp into any tying vise, and the best part, it’s cheap and it works awesome..  Every part and piece they sell, fits every other piece perfectly, unlike some of the other brands I won’t mention.

Here is my tying instructions for a Scott Howell Squidro style pattern tied on the Pro Tube system.



“Foxy” Tubes

Some winter steelhead tubes.  These are all Arctic Fox with minimal flash.  I kept the body simple with just an “X” wrapped “Mirage” mylar around the tube.  These should fish very nice, now all I have to do is get out and fish them!! 

"Foxy Tubes"


Recovery Drawings

After surgery on the bottom of my foot I needed something to do while I was sitting around for a week.  Here is some of the watercolors I did.  I used a lot of ink with these drawings, in fact, some of them were actually inked in prior to adding the watercolor.  I really like the contrasts of the watercolor against the ink.



The Shrimpinator

The Tormenter

Scandinavian Style Tube Fly

Un-Named Wet Fly



March Brown Quill Body