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Been busier than a one armed paper hanger tying flies..  Got a little steelheading in a couple of weeks ago, got down to the Big D and it looked like chocolate milk!  Fished anyway, and even managed to hook one…  Go figure hu!  Well last night I finished the flies for the Umpqua submission, they’r on the way to Colorado as I write..  Did some elk hunting last weekend, please note I said “hunting” not “killing”, as like most years in the past, I did not fill my tag.  Headed back down to the D for some more steehead action this weekend, hope to have a good report..  In the mean time, stay cool!


100 Huds Worm Hooked Minnows!



The Last Hura!

Pete and I fished the Deschutes last Saturday.  This will be my last trip of the season due to an upcoming shoulder surgery.  We did not catch any fish, other than a few overly aggressive White Fish, but we had fun, and that’s the best part, just being on the river was worth the trip!!

Get’in it done!

Ready to Rock!





The End of the Season

The 2010 trout season ends today on the Deschutes River.  While I won’t be their fishing today, I was there yesterday.  Mike and I launched at Warm Springs for the day float to Trout Creek.  The first thing we noticed was 4 boats in the process of launching, and 10 trailers already parked in the lot.  It was going to be a bit crowded.  While we spent the first hour of our float in the boat, we did manage to find a few choice runs to stop and fish.  We swung classic patterns on spey rods all day for some fresh steel.  We did not catch any, or even hook any, but that did not seem to matter.  It was just being there, watching the river slip by.  The rhythm of the cast, the sounds of the river.  It’s a peace that words cannot describe.  The weather was perfect for a late October trip, dark clouds, fog, and drizzle, you could not have asked for a better day. 

Towards the bottom end of the first run we fished, a perfect piece of skating water, I did manage to raise one fish to the dry skater.  That one “hole in the water” was worth 10 fish hooked on a sub surface pattern.  Luckely, the river is not yet closed for steelhead, however, most of the runs we fished will be.  From here on out until the first of the new year, we can only fish river right.  In the next 2 months to come, we will float by prime holding water with jealous thoughts of un-molested fish.


Summer Steel

The end of July and First of August has allowed me a couple of weekends to fish for some summer run Steellhead.  My first trip of the year was down to the Mouth of the D, I was lucky enough to get back to back nights in the same tent spot at the state park.  We road Mt bikes up the old railroad bed to look for likely holding water.  The trip turned out to be a bust, no one around was catching any thing.  I would contribute it to several factors but the main ones being water temperature and a full moon.  The first morning out the water was 64 deg at 5:00am.  That day was very hot, 101+, in the canyon and it did not cool off that night.  The next morning at 5:00am the water was a balmy 66 deg.   I won’t fish for steelhead once the water is over 67, any fish hooked have had their death warrant signed in water warmer than that. 


The next trip was down to Mack’s canyon with my dad, it went something like this:

1:50 am – Alarm

2:20 am – Leave town

3:00 am – Meet dad at his office

4:40 am- Arrive at fishing destination (The 4 Gum Run)

5:15 am – First cast – swinging a skater with spey rod (air temp 62 deg, water temp 63 deg)

6:15 am – Switch flies to marabou leech

7:00 am – Switch flies to classic summer steelhead patter #7

8:30 am – Give up swinging flies, rig up nymphing rod

8:50 am – First Fish hooked and landed – (5 lb native hen)

9:30 am – Lunch

10:30 am – Second fish hooked – (6lb native hen)

11:00 am – Done.  (Air temp 84 deg, water temp – 65 deg)

12:15 pm – Deschutes River Anglers Fly Shop in Maupin, (I highly recommend this shop, John and Amy run a first class business).

3:45 pm – Home cleaning up

4:45 pm – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….

It was a great day steelheading, although I would have loved to have hooked some fish on the swing, at this point, I’ll take them how I can get them.  Dad got a good grab on the swing early that morning, unfortunately, he must have forgotten what that loop of line he was holding was for!!!

Until next time!


The First Winter Steelhead–Practice!!

The anticipation that leads up to the first winter steelheading trip of the year always seems to be intense.  This trip was no exception.  The night before I went through all my flies, not once but 4 times making sure that I had everything I would need, and most things I would not.  Finally with all the proper equipment stacked neatly beside the front door I could relax in anticipation of the next day’s fishing adventure. 

The alarm went off early, plenty of time to shower and get things ready.  On the first trip outside to start the truck, I noticed it looks like low clouds and fog.  I was right; a quick check on the internet confirmed my observations.  The weather was calling for 40% chance of rain, with highs in the mid 40’s.  This sounded great, but we had to get there first.  Once again the internet confirmed my suspicions; it was snowing on the pass.  

I loaded the truck, grabbed a fresh cup of coffee and headed out, first stop, Sisters.  Here I met up with my fishing partner and left his truck behind.  The roads really were not as bad as I had made them up to be, and before we knew it, we were parked at the first hole.  Although there seemed to be something missing, but I could not quite put my finger on it. 

The weather was exactly what it should be.  A slight mist in the air, low grey clouds hung like giants waiting to devour any innocent beings unlucky enough to be caught in their way.  We donned our waders, and strung our rods with nary another soul in sight.  This was going to be a great day I thought, we would get to be the first one’s through the hole.  As it turned out, we were the first ones through all the holes we stopped at. 

It seems we were about a month early for the main push of the winter run.  Given that the river we were fishing hardly has a winter run only adds to the lack of fish.  What we did get was very good practice.  You could not have asked for better conditions to fish.  Light rain, dark skies, and perfect water conditions.  All of this made for a great day on the river.  My spey rod sang wonderful tunes all day, my newly created winter patterns fished as good as I had hoped.  Only one thing was missing —- The fish.  While I’m quite sure there were some fish in the water, the odds were heavily stacked against us.  I still remain quite certain that had a fish seen one of my creations, it would have grabbed at it eagerly.  Such was not the case. 

My fishing partner nymphed the river hard, while I swung the water behind and in front of him to no avail.  One thing is for certain, it leaves me wanting more; more fish in the river, more chances to get out and enjoy them, more opportunities at a great Oregon winter run steelhead. 

As we left the river the rain was really starting to come down, maybe it would be enough to push some fish higher up the tributary.  I left thinking that I will most defiantly be back, back to fish these same runs hopefully chalked full with fresh chrome bright fish, and hopefully, we will still have it all to ourselves!