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Tube Flies (Squidro)

I have been tying up some tube flies lately for the upcoming steelhead season, not that it hasn’t already started!  Mostly “shank” style flies I have been tying on the new Pro Tube system.  If you have not invested in this system yet, I would highly recommend it.  I have tied with HTH, Eumer, Guidline, and CTFC tubes and by FAR the Pro Tube system is the best.  Starting with the biggest point, you don’t need to invest in a tube vise.  That’s right, Pro Tube sells a needle that can clamp into any tying vise, and the best part, it’s cheap and it works awesome..  Every part and piece they sell, fits every other piece perfectly, unlike some of the other brands I won’t mention.

Here is my tying instructions for a Scott Howell Squidro style pattern tied on the Pro Tube system.