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Weekend Tying!

With no fishing this weekend, (not that there wasn’t any good fishing to do, just that I was too lazy to do it), I spent most of the weekend tying..  Started out with a pattern that I have submitted to Umpqua, they have requested additional samples..  I hope that’s a good sign!  Then I worked on a display piece for the Fin & Fire Fly Shop in Redmond, and finally ended tying another large Pony Pony streamer….


Huds Weedless Deceivers in the full color range!


Standard Deceiver patterns mounted on a piece of Redwood Burl!


A greenish yellow Polar Pony pattern, 3/0 Gamakatsu hook!



The EP American Shad

Here is a great one for small mouth fishing the Columbia River!!



Huds Shimmer Fringe Minnow

I’m sure this has been done by now, but here’s a cool little minnow pattern using only Hareline Dubbin’s Shimmer Fringe!

Huds Shimmer Fringe Fly

Huds Shimmer Fringe Fly

Hook – Tiemco 811 #4

Thread – Mono

Body – Hareline Shimmer Fringe (White bottom, Dark top)

Eyes – Prismatic Eyes 3/16″

Head – Orange thread coated with Clear Cure Goo




Deceivers Anyone!

Lefty’s Deceiver has to be one of my favorite streamers.  It can be dressed up or dressed down, small or large, thin or fat, simple or complex.  You name it, you can do it and still get away with calling it a Deceiver!  While I love tying with some of the newer modern synthetic fibers, there is still something beautiful about an all natural “Mother Nature” tapered streamer, and a Lefty’s Deceiver is my go to fly!!

Here is a couple that left the vise early this morning..

Classic Chartreuse and White


White with a mixed (olive, purple, blue) top; killer colors!


Hook: Gamakatsu SL12 2/0

Thread: 100d GSP

Tail: Saddle feathers

Body: Bucktail

Flash: Krystal Flash

Topping: Peacock Herl

Eyes: 3D Prismatic (note you could just paint eyes on the head, that would be originally correct, but I like the look of the 3D eyes)

Head: Clear Cure Goo



Columbia River Smallmouth

Wow!  This is a fishery that’s been on my “bucket list” for about the last 5 years.  Until now I have not had the means to do it properly, (read Bass Boat).   Well Scott and I made it there yesterday.  You could not have asked for a better weather pattern.  I have actually be watching the weather for the last couple of months and the wind has been non stop up there.  When the NWS predicted North winds 5-10 it was on.  I left Bend at 3:00am and picked up Scott in Madras just before 4.  We pulled into the ramp at Celilo around 5:45, just perfect.  We launched the boat and hit the first cove with dry lines and poppers.  It took about 2 casts before I hooked the first fish of the day, a “shaker” that was determined to eat the popper!  A few casts later and Scott landed a really nice 3+ pounder on his popper.  This continued until the sun was well on the water, and we switched to sinking lines and other flies.   I tried a worm pattern for a while with no luck, then switched to a Chartreuse and white EP pattern that I kept on the rest of the day.  Around noon Scott decided that he needed the same fly, and the fishing never stopped.  We caught fish every where we stopped.

All you need is some rip rap boulders along the edge of a current seam and you will find fish.  Granted, it’s not a fish a cast, but plenty to keep you coming back.  We landed between 20-30 quality fish all on flies…  I’ll be back!!

First Light at Celilo


Top Water Bass


Black Popper Attack!!


Pure Columbia River Smallmouth!


Streamer Action!!


Awesome Game Fish!!!