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Boat Photo’s

So far it’s the PERFECT platform for fly fishing.  Had an outstanding day on East Lake last Saturday.  With a good Callibaetis hatch the trout were definitely looking up!! 

Rainbow Swirl!


More Skeeter!


Skeeter Awesomeness!!




New Boat!

I finally did it!  I have upgraded my watercraft for fishing lakes and large rivers (the Columbia)..  For the last 20 years I have wanted a boat, I have looked at everything made.  Every boat has the best of something, but may or may not work well, at something else.  For a fly fisherman, I have always thought the “Bass” boat style would be perfect for perusing the banks of lakes fly casting for elusive trout, bass, and what ever else swims..  The bass boat however, is not the best platform for trolling, or using in bigger waters, (“read” bouy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia).    The fiberglass bass boat is also NOT going to be running the lower Deschutes river!  For that you would need a sled.  Now, I could have had a boat built by one of our local sled manufactures that would have the decks of a bass boat, the tall gunnels of a good big water trolling boat, and the shallow jet drive needed for the Deschutes river, but a boat like that would be starting in the 40k range.  Way, way, way out of my league. 

A few months ago, this nice looking bass boat came up on Craig’s List that seemed like a good buy.  I somehow managed to ignore it, and tried my hardest to keep it out of my mind.  Two months later it pops up again, this time at an even better buy.  I could not stand it any longer, I had to call and find out about this boat.  Turns out, it was just the right timing, I was the first person to even go and look at it.  I got this boat for about 2k under its listed value, and everything seems to be just fine.  I could not be happier with it. 

I fished it this last weekend on Lake Billy Chinook on Saturday, and Crane Prairie on Sunday.  The boat performs perfectly, just as I always thought one would.  If you’re looking for a platform to fly fish from in a lake, the bass boat does it perfectly.   LBC produced a number of smallmouth bass in the 12″ range with a few rainbow’s in the 16-18″ range, and several Kokanee in the 8-10″ range.  The boat moves from spot to spot at about 40 mph and was easily out running the large wake board boats on the lake!!  Crane finally gave into me on Sunday.  I landed a wild fish 21″ and hooked another that was bigger!! 

Look for me out the lakes for the rest of the summer, I’ll be the one fly fishing from a red and white Skeeter!!

Large casting decks!


40 MPH across LBC, note the speedo on the lower right

Crane Prairie

The Elusive "Cranebow"