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Grocery Shopping Astoria 2014

We had the opportunity to fish Buoy 10 this September.  It turned out to be a great trip, good weather, and plenty of fish..  All except for the first day, our Captain decided we needed some beach time!!

Astoria_2014_Sunset Wave

Sunset Waves at the wreck!


First light Troll!


Our Company!

Astoria_2014_Columbia Mouth

The Mouth of the Columbia River!


Day 1, fist light, Beached!! No tide for another 5 hours!!

Astoria_2014_Amber Fishing

Amber is our secret weapon, she brought a lot of fish to the boat!




We had the chance to fish a private lake in Eastern Oregon yesterday for LM Bass and Bluegill.  To say it was good fishing would be a huge understatement!  The fishing was off the chart…  I have been working on a prototype for Umpqua for use as a baby bluegill pattern for LM Bass, I think I’v found it, it does need a couple of very minor adjustments, but it fishes so well even the bluegill eat it!!  Also note the use of my new pattern with Umpqua coming out in the 2015 catalog, “Hud’s Bushwacker”, this fly flat out hunts!  don’t be afraid to throw it into the thick stuff, it fished weedless very well.  We took several bass under cover by “driving” this fly down through the weeds into the strike zone with Rio’s Outbound type 3 and 6 sink lines..

Deer hair Popper

Popper’s Baby!!

Some Slider Action!

Some Slider Action!


Hud’s “Bushwacker”


s Cannableisim!

The new Baby Bluegill Pattern!

The new Baby Bluegill Pattern!

Baby Bluegill Pattern

Baby Bluegill Pattern

Another one on the Baby Bluegill!!

Another one on the Baby Bluegill!!

Enjoy! Hud

Crane Prairie- May 2014

Crane Prairie 2014

Sunrise in the timber!

Hit Crane the last couple of Saturday’s.  Fishing has been great, I’v had good success indicator fishing the channels with micro leeches, callibaetis nymphs, chironomids, and damsel nymphs.  The majority of the fish are are 15-18″ with a fair share over 20″!  The biggest highlight was a beautiful 5lb + brookie, unfortunately no one else was with me and all I got for a photo was a poor picture of a squirming fish in the net!  Too bad, it could have made for an awesome photo with a very nice brook trout!!!





Hud’s Indicator Damsel

Here is a video for a killer fly pattern for indicator fishing still waters!  Tie it on as your bottom fly, and make sure it’s tied with a no slip loop knot..  Hang as many bugs above it as you want, I usually just fish two, and depending on the hatch conditions they may be a nymph or a chironomid.


Indicator Jig

Huds Indicator Damsel Part – 1

Huds Indicator Damsel Part – 2




The Crooked River is on fire right now..  Time the BWO hatch, and the fishing can be epic!  Ox and I fished for about 3 1/2 hours on Friday afternoon with nonstop action..  All fish were on a dry BWO pattern!!

Crooked River 1 OCT 2013

Crooked River 2 OCT 2013