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We had the chance to fish a private lake in Eastern Oregon yesterday for LM Bass and Bluegill.  To say it was good fishing would be a huge understatement!  The fishing was off the chart…  I have been working on a prototype for Umpqua for use as a baby bluegill pattern for LM Bass, I think I’v found it, it does need a couple of very minor adjustments, but it fishes so well even the bluegill eat it!!  Also note the use of my new pattern with Umpqua coming out in the 2015 catalog, “Hud’s Bushwacker”, this fly flat out hunts!  don’t be afraid to throw it into the thick stuff, it fished weedless very well.  We took several bass under cover by “driving” this fly down through the weeds into the strike zone with Rio’s Outbound type 3 and 6 sink lines..

Deer hair Popper

Popper’s Baby!!

Some Slider Action!

Some Slider Action!


Hud’s “Bushwacker”


s Cannableisim!

The new Baby Bluegill Pattern!

The new Baby Bluegill Pattern!

Baby Bluegill Pattern

Baby Bluegill Pattern

Another one on the Baby Bluegill!!

Another one on the Baby Bluegill!!

Enjoy! Hud

2009 In Review!

2009 drew to a cold end.  I had at least 3 trips planned for the last week of the season, I made 1.  I  talked to some other anglers that were braver that me and ventured out into the freezing fog to look for a last chance to catch some Deschutes Steel.  Their reports supported my suspicions, yes a few fish could be caught, and yes iced guides was an issue.  Since my fly lines are practically new, I was not interested in ruining them with iced guides.  So, needless to say, I picked the weather carefully.  I made it to the river in between the cold and the snow for a few hours of fishing.  As was the case with most of my trips to the Deschutes this year, it was all about fishing, and no catching.  Is there a positive side to this; you bet, I now consider myself a competent spey caster.  I feel comfortable casting the long rods with both a floating system, and a heavy skagit line heaving large weighted bugs.  I’m ready for some winter fish!

A cold late December morning on the Deschutes

Overall, 2009 was a great fishing year.  I had plenty of chances to get out.  We did some new stuff, and will spend some time next summer trying to figure them out. 

The fishing year started with a trip to the upper Deschutes, we launched my boat in between rapids and motored up to the bottom of one.  At first we were the only one’s there, thinking to ourselves that we had stumbled upon something.  We later learned that this was no secret as we were soon accompanied by 3 other boats in a piece of water barely big enough for 2.  But we did manage to catch a couple of Redsides, and one Brown.  Maybe 2010 will bring a spring trip to the Mackenzie or Willamette??  Spring comes earlier on the West side.

I finally figured out the LG Bass fishing at Davis Lake.  For years I have fished there in the early spring only to come home with wind chapped cheeks.  This year we changed all of that.  I now know some of their secretes.


We took a couple of trips up to the Columbia this year looking for Carp.  Finding them was not the issue, hooking them was.  More on that next year!

Fly Fishing The Columbia River

This is one HUGE Propeller!

A great trip fishing for trout on the Deschutes, post Salmon Fly hatch.  I believe we are seeing an increase in the average size of the fish on the D.

I had the opportunity to stop by and fish the famed “Holy Water” on the Rogue River for a few hours during the Salmon Fly Hatch.  I have never seen so many Salmon Flies in my life!

We tried out some new High Cascade lakes.  I’m very excited about fishing these again next summer.

With August comes the push of Steelhead into the Deschutes.  From here on out, that’s the game.  I am easily bitten by the Steelhead bug, and at times, am unable to think of anything else but Steelhead!

In late October we took a break from Steelhead and went to Wickup Reservoir in search of some Big Browns.   We found them, not in Wickup, but spawning in the Deschutes above the Reservoir.  You can not fish for them there, but they were fun to watch.  Some of them were easily 20+ lbs!  We moved onto another high lake were we could fish and ended up hiking up some small High Cascade Streams.  Here we found the Brook Trout on there spawning grounds.  It is really special to see otherwise sterile water supporting a healthy population of fish, even if they are Brook Trout!

2010 looks to be another good fishing year.  Stay tuned for some posts on “hopefully” a winter steelhead trip, more LG Bass at Davis, Trout, and as always, Steelhead in the fall.