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Pheasants any one!!

Friday after Thanksgiving we headed north to a great “kick and shoot” ranch out of Gateway.  The owners of the ranch are great people and do everything they can to make your day..  If your looking for a place to hunt close to Central Oregon I would highly recommend giving them a call http://gatewaycanyonpreserve.com/ !!

We had a wonderful day hunting with good friends and great dogs!!

Round Two! –



Week 4/5!

Well, archery season has come and gone again, and all I have to show for it are a pair of worn out boots, and two perfectly new looking TAGS!!  I guess that’s how it goes, it’s onto more fishing!!  Here are some photos from the last week of the season.  We hunted over on private property in Eastern Oregon, tons of elk, it’s just that their all on someone else’s property…..  “It’s like they know”!!

I got to hunt with my Sister this year, really cool! We made her prance around like Vanna White with the decoy!! A classic Rookie move!


Can you say “Tatonka”! I hate it when you run head into one of these guys in the bush!!

There are however, members of our hunting party that like to “push” the envelope for the optimum photo opp!! I don’t think that fence would help!

And — the rest of the herd..






Week 3!

Week #3 dawned on a private ranch in Eastern Oregon.  This is where I will actually be spending the last week of the season..  We did see elk, lots of elk, in fact we saw TONS of elk…  Check out Dad’s blog for some picts..  Like always, they were not on the property we have permission to hunt!!

The old Sawmill building…

Iron Mountain

The “Girls” were out and about!!





Week 2!

Dad and I got the chance to hunt some areas around Bend and Sisters this weekend.  We had lots of fun, and even got to chase a small herd of elk around..  While we never got the opportunity for a shot, it was very enjoyable just being there!!

Saturday morning at 6500′

There’s a lot of ground out there to hide elk in!!

This was the last place we hunted Sunday evening, needless to say, any shot here would have been “Top Pin”!! There was fresh elk sign here too!!!!





12 Years in the Making!

Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it??


For at least the last 12 years I have been looking at, and dreaming about owning a worthwhile truck camper.  I actually owned one for a few years, thought I could “fix” it up, ended up selling it for $500.00, and let me tell you that was it maximum value, even though I had probably put thousands into it!  Let me give anyone out there looking for a camper some advise about a $500 camper – DON’T DO IT.  Wait it out, save some $$ and buy a nicer one, you’ll be glad you did in the end..

Host Campers are built right here in Bend OR.  The owners of the company have ties to the famous “Beaver Motor Coaches”, so their level of quality it really above and beyond..  I never in a million years though I would ever own one, they are just too much $$..  I think I have looked at every Lance Camper ever built, and I do believe that Lance builds a very nice camper as well.

After years of waiting, planning, and thinking about it, this year was the year to pull the trigger.  I knew I could never afford a new camper, so used was the ticket.  Now, finding a “good” used camper that fit my requirements and my budget is not a easy task.  I set a preliminary budget of 10k, that put me in the 97′ to 2001′ model years.  My requirements were that the camper have remote electric jacks and a fantastic fan.  Not much, but I also wanted a unit that did not need to be drowned” in chlorine prior to inhabiting!  Amber and I looked at a couple, and I looked at a hundred, and although we came close to buying a 2001 Lance, once we found out the right side cabover section was water damaged we bagged out.  The next day I was searching the usual haunts, Craigs List, RV Trader, and I came across this 9.5′ Host for what seemed to be a really great deal.  Turns out it was a really great deal, the dealer had miss-printed the price and was graceful enough to honor the advertised price.  I bought it, and am now the happy owner of a 2004 Host Rainier with double slides.  I honestly have never seen a truck camper with this much floor space, it’s just amazing!!  Not only was this camper a great deal, but I don’t think the thing had hardly ever been used, it’s like stepping into a bran new unit..

So, what’s all this mean, no more tent camping! Stay tuned for some upcoming multi-day trips!!

My truck seems to carry it just fine!


At home! East Lake, OR