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Weekend Tying!

With no fishing this weekend, (not that there wasn’t any good fishing to do, just that I was too lazy to do it), I spent most of the weekend tying..  Started out with a pattern that I have submitted to Umpqua, they have requested additional samples..  I hope that’s a good sign!  Then I worked on a display piece for the Fin & Fire Fly Shop in Redmond, and finally ended tying another large Pony Pony streamer….


Huds Weedless Deceivers in the full color range!


Standard Deceiver patterns mounted on a piece of Redwood Burl!


A greenish yellow Polar Pony pattern, 3/0 Gamakatsu hook!



Huds Shimmer Fringe Minnow

I’m sure this has been done by now, but here’s a cool little minnow pattern using only Hareline Dubbin’s Shimmer Fringe!

Huds Shimmer Fringe Fly

Huds Shimmer Fringe Fly

Hook – Tiemco 811 #4

Thread – Mono

Body – Hareline Shimmer Fringe (White bottom, Dark top)

Eyes – Prismatic Eyes 3/16″

Head – Orange thread coated with Clear Cure Goo




The Blogs HERE!

We’v got it done, the blog is now officially on this web page..  From now on expect to find all blog posts for Hudsflywater here on our new web page www.hudsflywater.com under Blog…  If you have had an RSS or a link to the old blog, please feel free to re-link to this page..




Streamer Art

My streamer affliction has led to a new level!  This really does make an awesome side table display!!