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Hud’s Indicator Damsel

Here is a video for a killer fly pattern for indicator fishing still waters!  Tie it on as your bottom fly, and make sure it’s tied with a no slip loop knot..  Hang as many bugs above it as you want, I usually just fish two, and depending on the hatch conditions they may be a nymph or a chironomid.


Indicator Jig

Huds Indicator Damsel Part – 1

Huds Indicator Damsel Part – 2



The Video World!

Thats right, you heard it, I thought I might give a go at the video world..  For fly tying anyway!  So here is the first, hopefully there will be more!!


The olive Crane Bugger “click the Picture for the video”

Crane Bugger Fly Tying Video



Davis Lake – October

I have been dreaming about this for some time now.  Davis Lake bass in October.  What could be better right, the bass should be on the hunt, fattening up for the upcoming winter, the water temp should be just starting to cool down, longer nights and shorter days right?  Well apparently I was wrong!  We made our way up there at first light, and didn’t see the sun until 1:00, even though the forecast was for sunny skies.  I had managed to let the Fog concept slip my mind!  So, for the next 5 hours we got to practice the teeth chatter routine for the upcoming steelhead seasons… 

Apparently it may well take that lake 2 months to go from 45 deg water temp to 70+ deg, however, plan on it taking about 4 days to go from 70+ back to 45 or 47.8 to be exact.  Now I have very limited experience with LM Bass, but I can tell you that when the water is that cold, they don’t make much of a showing!! 

So what’s a guy to do? Well logic says try for trout..  I know for a fact that their are 10lb rainbows in this lake, I’ve seen them.  After fishing the remainder of the day my guess is that there are at most 5 trout in the lake, thats 1 trout per square mile of lake, I figure about 5 sq miles, so that 5 trout in 3000 acres.  Not bad hunting!!  When the sun finally did make a showing the surface looked like mill-pond.  The ONE trout I had a decent shot at, (a perfectly placed 60′ cast with a 14′ lead), was across the lake before the line even hit the water!!  I’m pretty sure those trout have modified rockets attached to there fins!

One other item that’s worth mentioning, something else that slipped my mind, Saturday was also the opening day of duck season.  The fishermen, 2 boats to be exact, were way out numbered by guys dressed in camo carrying shot guns.  I never really felt safe!

Finally, a little warmth!

Mill pond status!



Davis Lake Bass

Fished Davis Lake this last weekend.  A cold front moved in on Friday night, and shut the fishing down all day Saturday.  The reed growth is in perfect condition right now to fish top water patterns through the reeds.   Another week or so and the reeds will be too thick to cast into.  The best pattern was my weedless crawdad stripped very, and I mean VERY, slowly through the mud areas around the lilies. 




The Differance a Week Makes!

We fished Crane Prairie on May 1st, bluebird skies and fairly warm temps.  A week later on May 8th we went to Davis, no wonder the snow’s not melting! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

The real sad news is that I can’t seem to buy a fish.  The long and short —  No fish either day! 

Crane Prairie - May 1st


Davis Lake May 8th

Tight Lines