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Been busier than a one armed paper hanger tying flies..  Got a little steelheading in a couple of weeks ago, got down to the Big D and it looked like chocolate milk!  Fished anyway, and even managed to hook one…  Go figure hu!  Well last night I finished the flies for the Umpqua submission, they’r on the way to Colorado as I write..  Did some elk hunting last weekend, please note I said “hunting” not “killing”, as like most years in the past, I did not fill my tag.  Headed back down to the D for some more steehead action this weekend, hope to have a good report..  In the mean time, stay cool!


100 Huds Worm Hooked Minnows!



Back to the River!

Went back to the river on Saturday morning..  Hit the water before sunup, and did have some luck on Woolly Buggers!  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a good hookset on one, so you’ll just have to believe me…… As a side note, I got to try out my new Winston BIII SV 790 with a Rio Outbound WF IS6 line, and I must say, I’m impressed!  That rod is so light in your hands, with so much power, it’s actually unbelievable!!  For streamer fishing with big flies and sink tips, hands down, its the rod to have..  I will be working in the shop (The Patient Angler) on Saturday, so stop on by and say hi, might try out my luck up at Wickiup on Sunday so stay tuned…….

Sunrise - Upper Deschutes River

Sunrise – Deschutes River



Weekend Tying!

With no fishing this weekend, (not that there wasn’t any good fishing to do, just that I was too lazy to do it), I spent most of the weekend tying..  Started out with a pattern that I have submitted to Umpqua, they have requested additional samples..  I hope that’s a good sign!  Then I worked on a display piece for the Fin & Fire Fly Shop in Redmond, and finally ended tying another large Pony Pony streamer….


Huds Weedless Deceivers in the full color range!


Standard Deceiver patterns mounted on a piece of Redwood Burl!


A greenish yellow Polar Pony pattern, 3/0 Gamakatsu hook!



Tying Giant Streamers with Polar Pony

After seeing some of Steve Silverio’s patterns in person at IFTD I got the bug and decided to try my hand at it.  Basically Polar Pony is hair from the Icelandic Horse, very long and translucent, it acts and ties very similar to bucktail.  While I think my streamers can most certainly use some work, I do see the benefits to using Polar Pony over Bucktail for extremely large patterns..  So keep watching, I’m not done with this stuff yet!!


4 streamers tied with Polar Pony as the main ingredients.


Keep in mind these are tied on 6/0 Gamakatsu SL12S and are around 12″ long.



The EP American Shad

Here is a great one for small mouth fishing the Columbia River!!