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Been busier than a one armed paper hanger tying flies..  Got a little steelheading in a couple of weeks ago, got down to the Big D and it looked like chocolate milk!  Fished anyway, and even managed to hook one…  Go figure hu!  Well last night I finished the flies for the Umpqua submission, they’r on the way to Colorado as I write..  Did some elk hunting last weekend, please note I said “hunting” not “killing”, as like most years in the past, I did not fill my tag.  Headed back down to the D for some more steehead action this weekend, hope to have a good report..  In the mean time, stay cool!


100 Huds Worm Hooked Minnows!



Week 4/5!

Well, archery season has come and gone again, and all I have to show for it are a pair of worn out boots, and two perfectly new looking TAGS!!  I guess that’s how it goes, it’s onto more fishing!!  Here are some photos from the last week of the season.  We hunted over on private property in Eastern Oregon, tons of elk, it’s just that their all on someone else’s property…..  “It’s like they know”!!

I got to hunt with my Sister this year, really cool! We made her prance around like Vanna White with the decoy!! A classic Rookie move!


Can you say “Tatonka”! I hate it when you run head into one of these guys in the bush!!

There are however, members of our hunting party that like to “push” the envelope for the optimum photo opp!! I don’t think that fence would help!

And — the rest of the herd..






Week 3!

Week #3 dawned on a private ranch in Eastern Oregon.  This is where I will actually be spending the last week of the season..  We did see elk, lots of elk, in fact we saw TONS of elk…  Check out Dad’s blog for some picts..  Like always, they were not on the property we have permission to hunt!!

The old Sawmill building…

Iron Mountain

The “Girls” were out and about!!





Week 2!

Dad and I got the chance to hunt some areas around Bend and Sisters this weekend.  We had lots of fun, and even got to chase a small herd of elk around..  While we never got the opportunity for a shot, it was very enjoyable just being there!!

Saturday morning at 6500′

There’s a lot of ground out there to hide elk in!!

This was the last place we hunted Sunday evening, needless to say, any shot here would have been “Top Pin”!! There was fresh elk sign here too!!!!





Opening Day

As many of you know that know me, there is really only one time of the year that I put down my fly rods, and that’s Hunting season..  Archery season to be exact..  This last Saturday was opening day.  For the next 5 weekends I will likely be chasing wild animals through the woods with nothing but a small piece of carbon and some string..  This year I decided to try something new, and went to the timber line to look for some alpine bucks, as well as elk.  I have to say it was really, REALLY cool hunting the Hemlock and White Bark Pine forests..  While I did not get any chances at big game, I did see a few very nice bucks!!  Not too much for elk but I do think there are some around, I just have to put the time in..

Lets just hope my shoulder holds up!!

‘First Light’ opening morning!

It’s seems amazing, but there is still snow at 6,500′!!

And not just snow, there are some Mondo spiders out there!!!
Did I ever tell you – I DON”T LIKE SPIDERS!!!