Hud’s Goat Deceiver (The H.G.D.)

This pattern is a slight variation of Lefty’s Deceiver, a wonderful pattern for any piscivorous fish species.  Easy to cast, and a good swimmer, this fly can be tied in a multitude of colors and sizes.  As with any streamer pattern, material selection is critical.  Find the best materials you can get.  Since the majority of the materials used in the pattern are natural, I suggest sourcing them locally so that you can inspect the material you will be purchasing.  There is nothing worse than getting a package in the mail only to find out you got the stuff from the “bottom of the barrel”.  The bucktail hairs should be long and fine; course hairs will have a tendency to “flair” and will lose the overall baitfish shape required.  The saddle hackles should be strait, saddles with bends or twists will only cause frustration.  I prefer to use saddle hackle on the skin, this insures I get “right and Left” feathers.  While good strung saddle hackle can certainly be used, you may have to rummage through 2 or 3 packages to find good feathers.  The Cashmere Goat is a relatively new comer to the scene.  I like the translucency of the fine fibers.  The hair has good length and could easily be used to tie patterns up to 6 inches.  It is available in a myriad of colors to match any baitfish you may wish to imitate.

Fish this pattern on a sinking fly line.  I like to cast it right tight to the bank, let the line sink for a second, then start an erratic stripping pattern, and HANG ON!  The takes will be vicious; there will be no need for a stinger hook!!

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Get it wet and fish it hard!


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