East Lake, Callibeatis, & Sage Circa Rods

Headed to East Lake yesterday for some callibeatis dry fly action, and as usual, East Lake was not to disappoint!  I also had the opportunity to fish my new Sage Circa 589, and I must say, Sage hit that rod out of the ball park.  Arguably the finest dry fly rod I have ever cast, period!  Smooth, quiet, soft, clean, accurate, flat out AWESOME, are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind when talking about the Circa..  For years my dedicated dry fly rod has been an original G. Loomis GLX 490.  It’s performed amorality through the years, but I’m afraid it may not see too much action any longer..  It’s just hard to describe the new Circa…

The fishing, well East is known for its epic Callibeatis hatches, and while I would not call yesterdays hatch epic, it did happen and the fish were looking up.  We landed several rainbows in the 18″ class range and lost many more.  The “Blackwater” strain of rainbows ODFW has been stocking the lake with have teeth, and 5x tipped resulted in several lost flies on the take!!  If you go make sure and take plenty of flies, the fish don’t like tipped much larger than 5x, and they’ll take there share..


Central Oregon sky’s on East!


In the Net!


Sage Circa 589 Gettin it Done!



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