Tiger Muskie Bait!

Got a little time off coming up, thinking of heading up to Mayfield Lake in WA for a little Tiger Muskie action!!  At least that’s one possible option, being that it is the middle of October, (the best month of the year), there are only 1000 other options…  The hardest part is just making up your mind!


Muskie Bait!!


Pro Tube – Nano Tube w/ XL connector in Black

Pro Tube – Large Drop Weight

Pro Tube – Sonic Disk

Marabou wound as hackle against sonic disk

Big Fly Fiber

(4) Saddle Hackles tied around hook evenly

Holographic Flash

More Big Fly Fiber

More Saddle Hackles

More Flash

More Marabou

Senyo’s Lazer Dub at the head area

Pro Softhead XL

Clear Cure Goo “Raven” eyes 12mm




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